Moving Checklist

3 – 4 Weeks before you move...

  1. 1. Book your moving date with us.
  2. 2. Have a good clear out of unwanted items.
  3. 3. Start to eat down your freezer contents.
  4. 4. Start packing the non-essentials.
  5. 5. Notify all your service providers of your change of address, e.g.
  1. - Gp
  2. - Dentist
  3. - Bank, building society & credit cards
  4. - Dvla/vosa
  5. - Electric, water, gas and phone companies
  6. - Mobile phone company
  7. - Any clubs/associations
  1. 6. Redirect your incoming mail if necessary.
  2. 7. Cancel/redirect incoming newspapers and milk delivery.
  3. 8. If you have a petrol lawn mower start to run down the level of fuel until empty and then leave the cap of for a couple of days to air the tank.
  4. 9. Cancel old and arrange new telephone and internet connections if required.

1 week before you move...

  1. 1. Arrange for your pets to be looked after & if your children are not in school then maybe them too!
  2. 2. Arrange a space with your neighbours for parking the removal vehicle(s).
  3. 3. Empty unused garden pots of any soil.
  4. 4. Defrost your freezer.
  5. 5. Start disassembling furniture (if this service is not ordered).
  6. 7. Remove curtains and blinds if you are taking them with you.
  7. 8. Start to eat down your refrigerated food.

The Night before You Move...

  1. 1. Finish off your packing just leaving out the essentials as if you were packing for an overnight trip and of course tea, coffee, and the kettle!
  2. 2. Place anything that is essential to you on your move day (e.g. documents, keys, medication) in one place and mark with a note so we don’t accidentally pack them into the removal vehicle.
  3. 3. Take apart beds (if this service is not ordered).
  4. 4. Have one last check around making sure that everything that can be packed, is, and then go to bed because we will be there bright and early the next day.